On going project

In response to COVID19 I started a new project.
The new normal is that we now are spending longer than ever before washing our hands,
I have started a series of paintings of sinks , I wanted to look at the sink, every sink has the same function, but at the same time slightly different. So after i painted a sink in my parents house, in London, I collected photos of other peoples sinks by posting about it on my art instagram (@minnieft_art), asking people to send me a photograph of their sink. To which i received 23 sink snaps, and so far i have managed to paint the first 9 in the sequence.
this sequence has been very exciting so far as it has been a way to connect with the outside world during London quarantine, which had been very intense at times. Asking for these snaps, is both an impersonal thing, but also something that becomes quite intimate as i have to spend the time to really look at them, looking at all the things near by, or the lack of. studying the lightning of the space, figuring out where the direction light comes from, windows of electric lighting. trying to capture the feeling of the space.

I decided to paint the sinks in the order that i received them, and that is the order of the sequence.
all the paintings are oil on canvas paper, 50 x 40cm
My intension is to keep painting the remaining sinks over the summer break, so the sequence is completed.

https://minniefawcett-tang.kabkfinearts.nl:443/files/gimgs/th-45_sinks screenshot.jpg
Upstairs Studio Sink
instagram screen shot
https://minniefawcett-tang.kabkfinearts.nl:443/files/gimgs/th-45_8ED9D4DC-7AE1-4169-BAB9-1D7DD3A5CC91 2.jpg
Anna's Sink
https://minniefawcett-tang.kabkfinearts.nl:443/files/gimgs/th-45_1430FB38-B143-4D5E-AEE1-7D6707F94F2C 2.jpg
Josha's Sink
https://minniefawcett-tang.kabkfinearts.nl:443/files/gimgs/th-45_C1DE80B8-6C4D-44AB-8182-47F747EBADA4 2.jpg
Niam's Sink
Matteo's Sink
Johanne's Sink
Shana's Sink
Tristan's Sink 1
Tristan's Sink 2
SigurĂ°ur's Sink