two wrongs make a right

1: My least favourite colour contrast painting. I painted it to see what would happen if i painted with more extreme colour contrast in a portrait. to make the colour contrast as extreme as possible, i used all 3 primary colours in near proximity to create the illusion of 3 dimensional space and depth. Despite this not being an awful painting, I am still very unimpressed by the result. I think the painting looks very amature, and i did not realise anything new in particular, apart from that i do not like this painting style?

2: I painted this portrait again from life on a lovely pre stretched canvas, I had the intension of painting a magnificent painting, but even after several attempts of trying to get it right and scraping it down, the portrait looked nothing like me, and was dull and bland. i came to the conclusion that this canvas was jinxed.

3: i decided that i could not leave these paintings as they were haunting me. so instead of destroying them both, i decided i wanted to see what would happen if i put my two most awful paintings together. so i cut out the head of painting no.2 and put no.1 behind where the hole was, which resulted in success.
the colour contrast of no1 was muted and balanced out by no.2,
And no.2 was brightened up and give life by the drama in painting no.1,
so now i am satisfied by my least favourite works, which i am enjoying! 2.jpg
2 small_v2.jpg